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Masque d'Ébène, is a qualitative Belgian Shepherd Tervueren kennel. The name is based on one of the phenotypic characteristics of the Tervueren variety, the black mask.

Next litter: 2019

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Crystine, Jaina and Obi-Wan on our trip down east - here in Rimouski!

… me

We've own Belgian Shepherd since 1989. We've been involved in dog sports since that same year.

Crystine and Jaina after completing their Rally-O and Obedience Novice classes!

… why start breeding

I decided to embark on this beautiful project because of our little last: MGP CKC GCH & MGP FCC Ch Elite Jaina Solo Canis Brabant, TT, HIT, CD, RN, CGN, ADC, SGDC, VB.

Our Obi-Wan in our backyard, all proud!

… the Belgian Shepherd standard

It is in the standard that you will find more details about his Origin, his Temperament, the Required Activity Level, the size / weight, the coat / color and grooming.

Our dogs


MGP CKC GCH & MGP FCC Ch Elite Jaina Solo des Canis du Brabant, TT, HIT, CD, RN, CGN, AADC, SGDC, AGNS, NPS, AGNJS, VB. Dessin stylisé de Jaina

You will find below pictures, pedigree, certificates of our beautiful and sweet Jaina.


You want a dog?

A dog is for life!

The decision to acquire a dog must be very carefully considered. A dog is not a trinket.

  • He is a living being with needs.
  • He is intelligent, sensitive, has basic needs and must be part of the family.
  • A dog is for life.
  • When you decide to buy a dog, you have to commit to providing him with love, because he will give you his, unconditionally.
  • Keep him healthy and give him plenty of physical activity to spend his energy.

Did I already say it … a dog is for life.

In the case of a Belgian Shepherd, you will have to take a kindergarten class for puppy's socialization as well as develop a lasting attachment with him through teamwork and the learning of canine language.

Of course I will advise you to take at a minimum a basic obedience course in order to develop a solid foundation.

And I will not be surprised if you decide to continue learning with your teammate when you see the full potential of your team and by the pleasure that your student will bring you as you work with him.

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